How to clear your name on credit bureau(blacklisted)

Sadly, South Africa is known as one of the most indebted countries in the world. While it can be chalked up to various factors – citizens face the pressure of trying to keep up with increasing living costs and very often overspend – the fact remains that many people aren’t necessarily the most financially savvy when it comes to taking out loans or buying on credit.  The credit bureaus play a vital role to keep things fair and reasonable. They essentially gather information about a consumer’s credit history and keep a detailed record of personal information, accounts and how well debt is paid. Credit providers can access any consumer’s credit record and must consider the data to determine risk and affordability before giving more credit.
There are eleven registered credit bureaus in South Africa, the major ones being Transunion, Experian, Compuscan, and XDS. For a long time, the only credit bureau was ITC (now known as Transunion), and to this day, South Africans still use this term to refer to the credit bureaus in the country.

How to Clear Your Name when Blacklisted

 Being blacklisted is a sign to credit providers that you can’t commit, this simply means that a negative information has been placed on your credit record or credit bureau profile. This can be on one of the major South African Credit Bureaus - Transunion Credit Bureau or Experian Credit Bureau or Compuscan Credit Bureau or Xds Credit Bureau.
Being blacklisted will prevent you from obtaining any financial services from major financial institutions in South Africa.
Blacklisting information found on the credit bureau will be the following:
* Default Listings
* Trace Alerts
* Judgments
* Administration
* Debt Review
* Sequestration
In order to check if you are blacklisted or not, you must access/obtain your credit records from both the Major Credit Bureaus. If you find any of the above blacklisting information is reflecting on your credit record then your should take steps to remove it. You can clear any blacklisting information with us


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