what credit check can do for you

Credit analysis

Credit check will draw up your Credit Bureau status from 3 Credit Bureaus(transunion,experian, xds) and then do a full credit analysis. We focus on your problem areas and offer solutions on how to solve them and get you back to a financial creditworthy status.

Reduce settlement negotiations with creditors
Credit check can negotiate reduced settlement discounts with your creditors, This gives you huge savings on outstanding accounts and makes it easy for us to be able to update your credit status speedily. We have saved many clients thousands of rands in this way. We have, for example, managed to obtain clients up to 50% discount on their outstanding more

We will analyse all your accounts to ensure that they meet all legal requirements and if it is found that they do not, then we will raise a dispute with your creditors regarding the account. There are various disputes that can be investigated and raised, such as:- Prescription, In duplum, Fraud , Section 111 disputes, Section 129 letters, and Credit Bureaus more

Reduced monthly re-payments with creditors
Debt problems? we can help, we will contact your creditors directly and make arrangements with them so that you can pay reduced monthly affordable payments without the stress of having to negotiate with the creditor more

Direct reporting to the Ombudsdman(Credit, Banking, Fais, NCR, etc.)
We will refer any unresolved disputes, should the need arise, to the relevant Ombudsman for investigation and ruling.

Emolument Attachments, Administration Order & over-payments removals
In most instances attorneys and collection agents do not cancel the Emolument Attachment Order (Garnishee Order against your salary) or Administration Order when it is paid up. We will contact the relevant representatives to get a statement and check that the monies claimed and paid do not exceed the amounts legally claimable.

Termination or removal of debt review
Credit check can update or clear debt review red flagging on your credit report. If your debt review was made an order of court, an application to rescind the debt review order must be made to court. Once the debt review order is rescinded, payments in respect of any outstanding accounts will then be made directly to the creditors by way of negotiated payment arrangements if you are not already doing so. If your debt review was not made an order of court, then an application must be made to court to declare that you are no longer over- more

Updating Credit Records to reflect positively
Your credit worthiness is an important factor when it comes to home loans, credit card, vehicle finance, better job opportunities and so much more.We will ensure paid-up defaults and judgments are removed, as well as having payment profiles updated and removed to reflect the correct status of your creditworthiness. In this way, you will be financially free to apply for credit and even buy that house or car you have been dreaming of.

credit score improvements
Credit check can do a detailed report analysis from your credit record and recommend on how to best improve the score.The journey to improving your credit score is a marathon, not a sprint.An excellent score can help you qualify for low-interest loans and premium rewards credit cards.You can get started by checking your credit score status free online to see where you currently more

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Credit check is one of only a few professional companies that can assist the millions of South Africans listed with Judgments, Admin Orders, Defaults and those flagged under Debt Review. Credit check also provides valuable services to South African that are over-indebted and need assistance with balancing their budgets at the end of each month. Our services set our clients free from the restrictions placed on their lives due to these listings and financial stresses. Many of consumers are listed wrongfully or excessively, some deservedly so. Whatever the circumstances, we may be able to assist, we will provide you with our professional service and also with the opportunity to earn income from referring us to your friends and family that deserve to be helped.

Most people's  problems relate to Credit score, Lending, Borrowing and Budgeting… but not more so than anywhere else in the world. We are professionals and are here to help. Our legal and financial team are expert at what they do, as it is all they do. Each and every staff member is hand-picked and expertly trained. If you are dealing with Credit check, you are dealing with a professional, established and experienced company like few others.

When you are feeling the pressure, you need the right PEOPLE ON your SIDE.

Let’s face it – nobody ever thinks they will be the poor one day or that someday they will have to apply for debt consolidation to lessen their financial problems. It is not a call you ever want to have to make and the realization that you need to call in professional help to get your finances back on track can be a very difficult pill to swallow.At creditcheck we believe that it takes guts to admit that you require help, which is why we go out of our way to ensure that you get efficient, compassionate service at this trying time in your life. Our company ethos is rooted in personal relationships.

We believe that in order to help you most effectively we need to get to know you and understand your circumstances. This is why we have hand-picked our team to include passionate professionals who will undertake the journey with you and support you all the way.

Our experience

Our experience and contact with hundreds of consumers has revealed that many consumers believe that the negative listings against their names are justified because they were indeed behind with their payments or stopped paying altogether but what the consumer does not know is that there are procedures that creditors should follow in respect to the consumer rights before taking any legal action or listing the consumer. The general Consumer is not aware of these procedures and their rights.Therefore we encourage the consumers to contact us to challenge any listings or judgments.

Specialist in consumer law

We would also like to highlight that although any person can personally contact the credit bureaus and the credit ombuds to challenge other negative credit listing; rescission of judgments, administration orders and many other listings are of legal nature and can only be resolved in the court of law. Therefore we advise you to talk to a specialist in consumer law to assess your rights in any matter. We have a team of dedicated and well trained consultants to attend to


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